Get your American car rental sorted with National Car Hire USA

Founded in 1947 to reflect the growing needs of American air travellers, National Car Hire USA was formed among a group of 24 independent car rental companies operating nationwide who had more than 800 vehicles and 60 locations throughout America. The company quickly established themselves as the leading name in short term car rental in America and has grown to become the dominant force in the marketplace.

Always a company of firsts, National Car Hire USA were the company who introduced the ideal of one way car rentals to the American market. With this they offer travellers the ability to pick up a car at one point and drive it to their destination where they can leave it at the nearest affiliated National Car office in the area. It proved to be a great success and shows the kind of forward thinking that has helped the brand establish itself as the go to company for car rental in the States.

With more than 2000 locations and growing, National Car Hire offers customers unrivalled flexibility when it comes to pick up and drop off points, car types and rates. In the United States they offer a total of twelve distinct car types for rent. These include economy, compact, mid size, standard size, full sized, mid sized SUV, standard SUV, full size SUV, premium, luxury, convertible and minivan, so you'll have no problems finding the right vehicle for your trip.

You can log onto their website, located at www.nationalcar.com, in order to apply for a quote, manage, modify or cancel your bookings and view their wide range of daily specials. It's certainly worth keeping an eye on their last minute specials, which include car rentals for as little as $18.95 per day, depending on the location and model of the car.

No matter what it is you're looking for, they're sure to have you covered for a reasonable price, so if you're planning on driving while in the States they should be your first port of call.

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