Nashville rocks….well Twangs along anyway

You can smell God in the air, and country. There’s a lot of earnest looking bearded men in lumberjack shirts and ladies with big hair and jewellery. There are also big-busted blondes sporting t-shirts with slogans like, ‘I am what I am because of who we are.’ But before you reach for the iPod and shotgun, stick a Bud in one hand and a catfish sandwich in the other, and just let the spirit of country sweep over you.

In the Bluebird Café for starters you’ll hear soul wrenching tunes the like of which will make the most cynical of you weep, ‘When they say it ain’t about the money, it’s about the money…’ Two minutes swagger, (all country and westerners swagger – spurs optional) from the Honky Tonk Row is the Union Station Hotel, where Mae West and Al Capone were regulars, unionstationhotelnashville.com The ‘Row’ kicks off at about 10pm and keeps going until the wee early hours - God ain’t invited to this bash.

In between foot stompin,’ floor spittin’ and yee-hawin’ get yourself down to the Country Music Hall of Fame, countrymusichalloffame.org/

While this trip will change your life and your CD collection, be warned, you may lose all your friends once you get home.

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