Nantucket off season.

A neighbour of Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket caters for rich New Yorkers during the summer season, the small island being invaded by tourists. Off season however, you’ll find just a few passengers on the ferry crossing; the number of tourists from September on is cut by around 80%, leaving you free to enjoy more than 10 miles of untouched beach and limitless ocean.

About 45 percent of Nantucket is under conservation, reports the Washington Post and there is a world of flora and fauna to explore. Stroll the not-to-be-missed bluff walk in the town of Siasconset on the east side of the island or visit the stunning beaches on the western side. The water temperature is mild in autumn as the gulfstream buffets the island, so even if you chose not to swim you can certainly paddle. Or visit the well-stocked Whaling Museum and learn about the region while you warm up.

Most visitors rent a bike to get around, although there are shuttle buses and taxis for tired legs. If you work up an appetite there are plenty of fish restaurants where you can refuel. Try the popular American Seasons, or a cheaper option, Sayle's on the south side of Nantucket's town centre. Club Car is where the island’s night life spins or head for Cisco Brewers which features a beer garden and live music.

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