Naama Bay Hotels in Sharm-el-Sheikh

Naama Bay is a popular resort in Sharm-el-Sheikh and it is a great destination for diving, desert trips and lazy days on the beach. The coral reefs present in this region have made Naama Bay a famous dive centre. You will find world-class hotels in Naama Bay, most of them featuring great facilities such as dive schools, golf courses and nightclubs. Other activities you may try during your stay at the Naama Bay hotels include visits to Mount Sinai and the Coloured Canyon at Taba.

If you are interested in finding cheap Naama Bay hotels, you should visit travelrepublic.co.uk. Here you will find almost 50 deals for hotels and apartments in the Egyptian resort. One of the cheapest deals is the Kiroseiz Resort and Aqua Park, with rooms from just £21 per person.

The hotel has a library, restaurants, a club for children, two adult pools and one separate children’s poo. When it comes to entertainment, you can enjoy here a live band, cabaret, musicals and international shows and games. The hotel has a private beach with a spectacular coral reef, where you can get with the hotel’s shuttle bus.

If you are looking for a more luxurious stay in Naama bay, you can book your hotel rooms at the Fayrouz Hilton Resort. You can book your holiday at this hotel at eshores.co.uk. Prices for a week’s stay start from £542. With a beautiful pool and select restaurants, this hotel is an ideal choice for a romantic escape.

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