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If you're considering various destinations for musical breaks you'll probably narrow it down to two places - Broadway in New York or London's Westend. Let's start with the more affordable of the two.

Visiting London you can fly into various airports with multiple airlines - this really brings down the price of flights so there's more competition and more choice for you. For example - flying with Ryanair on a Thursday and departing on a Sunday you'll get return flights with all taxes and charges included for well under £50. This price is based on booking two weeks in advance.

Next - accommodation: we're all loving Hot Wire right now. It's the new website for top quality hotels at low level prices. Hot Wire lists hotels at high star ratings and sells their rooms up to one hour before check-in.  So when shopping for musical breaks keep your costs low by booking your flights early and your hotel late.

Now for the musical tickets! London Nights is a great website for cheap last minute tickets to all of the top musicals in London. Right now prices are as low as £10.99. Blood Brothers is under £24 and Billy Elliot is only £39. London Nights has been selling tickets online since 1999 and so it's a trusted, reputable website to help you pick from musical breaks in London town!

Other good places to pick up tickets in London are in Leicester Square the day of the show, at the box offices themselves - also the day of the day and then on the website Last Minute.

Just like London, New York offers a plethora of deals and shows to go to even if the flight and accommodation might cost a bit more you can still get a good deal on tickets. A great place to get tickets is in one of the two TICKETS booths either in Times Square or in the South Seaport.

Whatever your budget, whatever your taste - get the fingers typing so you can those toes tapping and fingers clicking - book from these musical breaks now!

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