Murder on a Spanish dancefloor

It’s bloody freezing so you’re probably doing the winter frost shuffle at the bus stop every morning. Why not get some lessons and at least do it right, and get a holiday at the same time? Right, first stop Andalucia, Spain for a touch of the gypsy flamenco at La Fuente Flamenco School. Set away in the Andalucian hills so nobody can see your two left feet, with a swimming pool for cooling off said feet. €100 for a five hour course, €175 a week for accommodation – done deal. flamencolafuente.com

Columbia, the new Brazil, is the Salsa Capital of the World – as well as the marching powder capital of the world.... All year round, the halls of Tin Tin Deo and Zaperoco (famed local clubs) heave until the wee smalls. Private classes start at $200,000 (£60) for a bloc of 12 hours tuition at the Sondeluz dance academy sondeluz.com

And finally to the home of Tango, no not Argentina, but Finland of course, where tango has been adopted as the national obsession. (Might have something to do with the 24hour winter darkness). Check out the Tangomarkkinat festival. Dancers line the streets and dance under the midnight sun, until they announce the Tango King and Queen – it could be you! tangomarkkinat.fi

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