Murder Mystery Weekend Breaks in Scotland

Travelers who want to go on murder mystery weekend breaks in Scotland will need to book a night or two at a hotel that hosts these events. Holidaymakers should factor in how much it will cost them to get to the hotel, the price of accommodation and the entry fee for the murder mystery event. There are a few different hotels that hold these events for their guests.

One popular hotel that holds murder mystery weekend breaks in Scotland is Winnock hotel. Winnock hotel is an older building which is located in a national park. This gives the event a feel of authenticity. Guests of the hotel will not know whether the other participants are also guests or if they are actors. The hotel suggests guests check in at 3pm so that they are on time for the event. The cost of the evening is £75 to £89 depending on whether travelers book the event on the Friday, Saturday or Sunday night. The £75 fee includes the event, accommodation and breakfast. Singles can also enjoy a murder mystery night if they are prepared to pay a singles supplement of £29. More information on this hotel can be found at Winnockhotel.com.

Argyll hotel also holds murder mystery nights on a regular basis. While this hotel is more expensive at £99 per person for a weekend package it is worth checking out as the hotel is rumored to be haunted. Those interested in staying at Argyll can find information at the website Argyll-hotel.co.uk.

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