Murcia: a lesser known region of Spain receives a boost.

Murcia is not the most famous region of Spain. Visitors to the Spanish Mediterranean coast tend to haunt the Catalan Costa Brava, hang out in Valencia or simply head south to the Costa del Sol. Yet Murcia’s Costa Calida, south of Alicante, has recently begun attracting foreign tourists, offering sun and sand, unspoilt coastline, golf and water sports,traditional towns and villages and good cafés and restaurants. The warm waters of La Manga del Mar Menor have long attracted local tourism.

Around 50km inland lies the university town of Murcia. Dating back to the 9th century, it was founded by the Moors whose influence can still be seen in the city, and it boasts an impressive 14th century Cathedral and a number of Baroque buildings. To the north the spa town Fortuna dates back to Roman times.

The region is also home to a wild life park, Terra Natura and an aquatic park and now a theme park to rival Disneyland, Paris has just been confirmed, reports The Daily Mail. The exact details of the site are unknown, but Paramount studios, makers of Indiana Jones, Titanic and Grease will be involved in the project, which will be the biggest in Spain. The park is expected to create 20,000 jobs and attract 3 million tourists a year.

Easyjet flies to Murcia from London Gatwick, Bristol and Newcastle.

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