Exotic Multiple Centre Holidays!

Multiple Centre Holidays are a great option for spending the holidays since you get the chance to visit more than just one place for a unique price. Actually, there’s a wide offer of multi-centre holidays tour operators and travel agents. Therefore, it may be a little bit confusing choosing the right multiple centre packages for your holidays. Here are some of the most recommendable deals offered on the website of Multi Centre Holidays.

Bangkok &  Krabi

This is a twin centre holiday where you can enjoy the intensity of a big metropolis like Bangkok, Thailand, and the quiet paradisiacal landscapes of Krabi. Krabi is a bay town located in the West, Southern reaches of Thailand. The stay in Bangkok is thought to last 4 nights at a three stars hotel followed by 7 nights at a four star hotel at Krabi. Flights depart from London and the price for this package is £1249 per person.

Dubai, Sri Lanka & Maldives

This multiple centre holiday offers a three nights stay in a four stars hotel in Dubai, an enormous dynamic city located in the United Arab Emirates. Right after your stay in Dubai, you’ll be heading toward Sri Lanka where you’ll stay four nights in a four stars hotel near the beach. The holiday will end in Maldives, an island nation located in the Indian Ocean, with a seven nights stay in a three stars hotel. The price for this package is £1489 per person.

Las Vegas, San Francisco & Hawaii

This multi-centre holiday combines the wildness of America’s night life and beautiful landscapes of Hawaiian islands. This package consists of a four night stay in a four star hotel at Las Vegas, followed by a three night stay at a three star hotel in San Francisco, ending with a 7 night stay in a three star hotel in Hawaii. You can get this holiday tour for £1549.

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