Information on multi flights to USA

Setting up Multi Flights to USA, actually, to just about anywhere is pretty difficult. There is still no system that really helps you in setting them up. You actually have to physically pick each destination and hope that you can figure out a connection that works. If you are flexible with dates and destinations though, there should be no problem.

Multi Flights are a great way to get around larger countries and see a few cities instead of just the one. They are basically a series of connecting flights with a certain amount of days between each. This gives you ample time to see the cities and be on your way.

Of course they will be a little expensive especially because your are travelling The States. The good news is that we have found a website and created a great flight path for you.

When it comes to Multi Flights,  Expedia (http://www.expedia.com) is the number one website. While other websites do it very few have the resources that Expedia have to get you set up.

We made a path that starts in London and flies to New York direct. This leaves on the 22nd of July and you will stay in New York for three days. The next flight goes to Florida directly from New York Airport, again you will have three days in Florida. From Florida you will fly to California and after three days in Cali you will fly back to London on the 31st of July.

All of this comes to under a thousand pounds, £849 to be more exact. This is a stunning price considering all the stop offs and the length of time travelling. Multi Flights to USA can be expensive and hard to set up properly, Expedia makes everything that bit easier for you.

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