Muang Boran, the Ancient City of Bangkok

Want to see Thailand’s treasures all at once? Check out Muang Boran or the Ancient City, also known as the world’s largest outdoor museum, and a depiction of Thailand.

The Ancient City contains replicas of the country’s historical structures, all laid out in meticulous detail. Some genuine buildings were moved into the museum to show traditional scenes representing Thai life, such as the Floating Market. You'll find beautifully landscaped gardens (with bronze statues portraying Thai folklore) spread out in Muang Boran.

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To get to the Ancient City, travel via Sukhuumvit Highway, in the Samut Prakan province near Crocodile Farm, about 33 km east of central Bangkok. You'll find the outdoor museum spread out over 80 hectares, featuring 109 scaled-down copies of the country’s famous temples, palaces, and monuments, all of which are erected at the precise geographical area where they would be found if you travelled around Thailand to view the original structure. Most of the composite structures are 1/3 scale, while the others are life-size copies of existing or former sites. These were constructed with the help of experts from the Thai National Museum.

The Ancient City is vast, and it usually takes a whole day to explore all the gardens. If you can’t visit all the interesting places in the country, a tour of the Ancient City will more than make up for it.

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