Movie-inspired getaway destinations.

Have you ever been ‘moved’ literally by a film where the sense of place was so strong that you decided you just had to go there one day? Well, you’re not alone. Over the years thousands of people have packed their cases and caught a plane, on the trail of the stars of their favourite movie. There are a number of hot spots associated with the studios’ greats; here are two of the best.

Boasting no fewer than 17 Oscars, the Lord of the Rings trilogy attracts thousands of tourists to the magnificent and dramatic scenery of its location in New Zealand. Fly to Wellington (where you will be met by a sign saying ‘Welcome to Middle Earth), from where you can travel to all the fantastic film locations, including the battlefields, by road or helicopter tour. After the films’ release, New Zealand was voted the most popular holiday destination by UK travellers.

The breathtaking desert landscape of Wadi Rum, associated with Lawrence of Arabia, and where Bedouin tribes continue to live amongst its rocky mountain formations, continues to be a tourist draw. Jordan is one of the top emerging tourist destinations, cradle to many ancient civilizations and has a host of stunning pre-biblical and biblical sites to visit. The most spectacular is arguably the World Heritage, 6th century BC site of Petra with its pink cut rock architecture, and said to be one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Furthermore a visit to the Dead Sea, at 402 metres below sea level, will take you to the lowest point on earth.

So if you’re a movie fan, why not indulge in the ultimate theme holiday by heading to the place where your favourite film was shot? And if you're feeling plush and not limited to a one-stop destination, you might like to head off in search of romance, follow in Julia Roberts’s footsteps and ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ in Italy, India and Bali respectively!

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