Move over the Noughties, it's the Tenties

There was a time when a declaration that you were going camping would be met with sympathy, pity or the phone number of a good psychiatrist. You were clearly either someone who couldn't afford a 'proper' holiday, a kidult pining for the days of Akela or Brown Owl, or a survivalist nut-job.

Then we had that awful carry-on with floral tents, glamping, flashpacking and toff-roading, which thankfully the British summer put the kibosh on. In between these two however are the likes of Feather Down Farm Days whose tents are actually über-luxurious canvas-roofed bungalows. Check out www.featherdownfarm.co.uk Or the recession-busting Park Farm in Yorkshire where for less than 20 quid per night for a family of four you can bond, burn and get bitten as a family!

For a comprehensive list of all things canvas, yurty, tipi, bodsy and podsy check out Johnanthan Knight’s Cool Camping.

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