Mountain climber discovers precious stones on Mont Blanc

A French alpinist that was climbing Mont Blanc, found a metal box containing precious gems.

The box that contained emeralds, rubies and sapphires – and is worth several thousands of euros was found on the Bosson glacier of the mountain.

Experts believe that the jewels, that have been valued between 130 e 240 thousand euros, come from one of the wreckages of the two Air India flights - the "Malabar Princess" and the "Kanchenjungahit" - that crashed in 1950 and 1966, which killed more than 100 people.

After discovering the mountain treasure, the mountaineer took it to the local police, with the French authorities now in contact with their Indian counterparts to find the owner or heirs of the jewels.

If the stones go unclaimed, under French law the young climber could inherit the jewellery.

You can say the climber who made this find is someone very honest," gendarme chief Sylvain Merly told AFP.

"He saw very well that what he had in his hands was something very valuable, realizing straight away that it was precious stones that had been very carefully wrapped.

"He was a mountaineer, he knew the history of the two plane crashes here and realized that this find was likely linked to those crashes. "Maybe he didn't want to keep something that had belonged to someone who died. So he handed it in."

Climbers occasionally find debris, baggage, even human remains from the two planes.

Last year two climbers found a bag of Indian diplomatic mail marked "Ministry of External Affairs" that had been on the Boeing 707 flight from Mumbai to New York that crashed in 1966 .

If you are an old movie buff you might remember the 1957 dramatic film, The Mountain, that starred Spencer Tracy and Robert Wagner and was inspired by the crash of Air India Flight 245 in 1950.

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