We take a look at where to book mountain biking holidays in Scotland

Mountain biking holidays in Scotland

Are you thinking of packing your bike and exploring some of the world famous mountain biking trails north of the border in Scotland? The majestic sloped landscape of Scotland lends itself perfectly to biking trails, and if you are planning a trip, let us help you out as we show you the sites you should be checking out to find mountain biking holidays in Scotland, so lets have a gander!

Those mountains in Scotland aren't just called The Highlands for a laugh, they are some of the most rugged terrain in Europe, and they are also home to an ever-growing population of bike lovers who race around these mountain passes at unreasonalbe speeds! To get an idea of the level of biking you will be able to do in Scotland, why not check out the Trail Brakes site at www.trailbrakes.co.uk/. This site contains information on where all the hottest trails are in the Scottish mountains, so you will know exactly where to start looking for accommodation on the trails.

A site that actually offers package holidays for cyclists is the MTB Holidays in Scotland site at http://www.mtbholidayscotland.com/. This site offers some brilliant adventure weekends away, including coast to coast biking trips, Torridon and Skye Breaks, a Cairngorms Adventure holiday and a Trail Biking break. Prices vary depending on which trip you undertake, but the average price appeared to be around £100 when we were having a look, so it is perfect for the budget savvy traveller.

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