The most unusual hotels around the world

Hotels are often boring, equipped only with what hotel owners deem as essentials - a double bed, trouser press and wallpaper that shouldn’t have lived beyond the 1980s, to name a few. But there are some awesome hotels out there that are famed for their luxury or quirkiness. Here we will have a look at some of the most unusual hotels around the world.

A hotel that is also a waterfall deserves its place on the list of the most unusual hotels around the world. If you take a trip to Huilo Huilo biological reserve in Chile you can stay there and admire its uniqueness. The Montaña Mágica Lodge has water cascading down its exterior and makes you feel like you have a room in the heart of a waterfall. The lodge has a range of accommodation options, a playroom for kids, reading room, restaurant, bar and much more. A night in the lodge will cost around £180.

If you love the countryside and being outdoors, staying in a sphere hanging from trees might be your cup of tea. Free Spirit Spheres are located in Vancouver Island, Canada, and here you can enjoy a night snoozing in a sphere suspended in the air and surrounded by nature. You will even sway with the wind (but not too much!). A night's stay will cost around £100.

If you want to see the northern lights, how about staying in an igloo in the Arctic? Igloo Village in Kakslauttanen, North Finland, will accommodate your needs. You can stay in a snow igloo, or if you’re not a fan of the cold you can also stay in a glass igloo. If it is a clear night, a glass igloo can give you the chance to see the northern lights and a beautiful blanket of stars from your bed - but if things get romantic, make sure no one is around!

There is a lot of competition for the most unusual hotels around the world. There are prison hotels, ice hotels, cave hotels, themed hotels, art hotels - you can even pay to spend the night in an aeroplane in Sweden. So remember, hotels don't have to be boring - with a little research you can find a real gem!

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