Most Dangerous Travel Destinations

Travelling abroad can be an exciting adventure where new cultures, beautiful landscape and unforgettable experiences can all be found. But unfortunately along with the wonderful places out there, there are many dangerous travel destinations that should be noted and heeded with caution.



Brazil has a lot to offer such as wonderful beaches, a rich history, a world renowned carnival and iconic sights such as Christ the Redeemer and Iguaçu Falls. But it has also been revealed that there is a massive problem with robbery, mugging and drug related activities. It is extremely important to be street smart and women are recommended not to travel alone as sexual assault is a common problem.



Yemen in western Asia shares their borders with Saudi Arabia and Oman. There have been many cases of social unrest and instability and terrorist activities. The situation would be similar to that of Pakistan which is also deemed as unsafe for travelling.



Kenya in east Africa is neighbours with Somalia which has a militant group that has been causing trouble in Kenya. The violent militants and branch of Al-Qaeda, Al-Shabaab, have issued threats and attacked local Kenyans. Travellers are warned that there is a high threat of terrorism especially around the Kenya-Somali border.



Adding to the list though are countries that are not dangerous due to war or corrupt governments or social unrest. Rather nature itself creates the danger for travellers. One of the most dangerous places Antarctica. It receives over 40,000 visitors per year but it is one of the remotest and coldest places on earth. If any emergencies came up, there would be little help available. Another country similar to that is Greenland, but here the main risk is unstable glaciers.


Mt. Everest

While mountaineers love the challenge of climbing the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest is one of the most dangerous places to travel to. With the rough terrain, lack of oxygen, unstable weather and many more factors, death never seems too far. Over 250 people have died while climbing that mountain.


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