Most Dangerous Bridges in the World

If you are scared of heights I would skip this article, but for those of you who are adrenaline junkies or just love heights, read on. Here are some of the most dangerous bridges in the world worth checking out.


Hussaini Hanging Bridge

This bridge is located in Pakistan and is a rope bridge with narrow planks, many of which are missing, above the Hunza River. This is still often used by locals as it is one of the only ways for them to travel to northern cities. It also receives many tourists who are looking for a thrill and beautiful view.


Aiguille du Midi

At the summit of this mountain in Mont Blanc, France lies a hanging bridge at 12,600 feet above sea level made of steel and wood. In order to get to here you need to go up 9,200 feet in a cable car that takes 20 minutes.


Monkey Bridges

In the southern part of Vietnam along the Mekong Delta, visitors will discover numerous bridges made of a single bamboo log to walk on and another single one for a handrail that were built by locals. The name comes from the monkey like posture you have while crossing one of these bridges.


Musou Tsuribashi Bridge

This narrow bridge made of boards and ropes was built in the 1950’s and translates to ‘Matchless Suspension Bridge’. In order to access this remote bridge you will need to climb the side of one of the Akaishi Mountains in southern Japan.

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