Most Popular and Cheap Tickets for Travelling from Italy to Pakistan

The great number of airlines as well as the amount of flights offered may confuse the travellers when making a decision on where they can buy cheap tickets. Searching on Internet may help you because many air companies offer special deals if you buy tickets online. So, if you are planning to buy the most popular and cheap tickets for Italy to Pakistan, here are some great options available on the Internet.

From Milan to Karachi

Emirates Air Company offers their most interesting most cheap tickets from Italy to Pakistan in economy class. The cities involved are Milan to Karachi for only £848, and it is available only for the first week of July. This flight has a one stop in Dubai Airport programmed to last 2 hours. The estimated time of flight is 10 hours and 10 minutes (considering that will be a 6 hours flight from Milan to Dubai with a 2 hours flight from Dubai to Karachi).

From Rome to Karachi

Emirates Air offers a £813 deal for tickets from Rome to Karachi. Price for this flight will be available only for the last week of July. But if you would like to buy tickets for previous dates, these will have similar prices. This flight also has a one stop at the International Airport of Dubai. The average time of flight is 10 hours.

From Milan to Lahore

Eithad Airways offers a cheap ticket from the International Airport of Milan to Lahore for £877 in economy class. You will be doing a 2 hours and 40 minutes stop at the International Airport of Dubai and then taking a connexion flight from Milan to Dubai will last 6 hours, approximately. The average flight time from Dubai to Lahore will be 3 hours. Remember that the prices, as well as the duration of flights, are subject to unexpected changes.

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