Finding the most accurate weather forecast websites

If you are planning a trip, or a barbeque, or a romantic date, or anything else that may involve spending time outdoors in the UK or abroad, it's usually a good idea to get an idea of what the weather is going to be like. After all, there's nothing worse than getting your mates together for a barbecue then waking up to find the weather all cloudy and miserable! Here we look at the most accurate weather forecast websites.

Whether you check online for the most accurate weather forecast websites or watch reports on the TV, it can be hit or miss because predicting the weather can be very difficult. However most of the time the experts get it right (or at least get it pretty close!) so it's worth checking a reliable source so that your day isn’t ruined by unexpected weather.

The Met Office site (metoffice.gov.uk) is a great website for all things weather-related. Their 5 day forecast has predictions for every 3 hours and includes the general weather, chances of rain, temperature, temperature including wind chill, wind speed and direction, wind gusts, visibility, humidity, UV index and air quality index for anywhere in the UK. You can see all these factors on a map, so if you are planning on travelling you'll have a good visual representation of the forecast.

Weather-forecast.com offers 10 day forecasts from around the world. It isn’t as interactive as the Met Office site but it offers reliable forecasts from thousands of locations. They have a 10 day forecast with information for every 4 hours, including weather maps of the UK, France, USA, UAE, Italy, Germany, Greece, Spain and the Czech Republic. The site also has information on the hottest, coldest, wettest and windiest cities in the UK - perfect if you are planning a trip away and want to avoid typical UK weather!

Using these websites you can plan a day out almost anywhere in the world and arrange it for the best day weather-wise. However remember that even the most accurate weather forecast websites can get it wrong from time to time, so a back-up plan may come in handy if your plans depend on good weather.

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