Challenge your Idea of Clubbing at Morning Glory in London

Rave your way into the day! Morning Glory in London is an immersive morning dance experience that takes place regularly in Shoreditch. For the bold and brave who dare jumping out of bed at dawn just to make sure they get a couple of hours of cheery sweating on the dancefloor, before they dive into work.

A rave, but not as you know it

Morning Glory in London, it should be specified, is not an after-hour. The whole idea of an early morning dance club challenges the morning culture as we know it.

If a hard day of work, study or house chores is awaiting, why not pump some energy into every fibre of your body with some good old dancing moves and happy chatting?

When fitness and toned muscles are what you are after but you just can't face the gym, then Morning Glory is the solution. Just imagine the calories you'll burn and the massive smile on your face when you get out, ready to take on the world. And it's only Wednesday morning!

And if you are over in London and want to try something different, this upside-down version of clubbing is an experience you don't want to miss.

So what Morning Glory really is?

Well, imagine arriving at this re-vamped warehouse space in the heart of East London. Deep house is pumping on the bass bins, but massages and smoothies take the place of drugs and alcohol. You are quickly transported onto the dance floor by a skilled Dj's selection and off you go, dancing your way into fitness and happiness. The energy is great, if not a bit cheesy, with hugs and love granted to all.

In the heart of trendy Shoreditch

Morning Glory sessions in London take place at the stunning Village Underground in the heart of Shoreditch, East London. Housed in a renovated turn-of-the-century warehouse, this unique space is primed for everything from concerts and club nights to exhibitions, theatre, live art and other performances.

The address is:

Village Underground 54 Holywell Lane Shoreditch - London EC2A 3PQ



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