More heavy rain is forecast in the UK

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Flooding risk remains in large parts of Britain as forecasters warned of more heavy rain ahead this week.

The severe weather alert has been extended until Thursday morning. The Met Office forecast more rain in the South of England and Wales and warned that the already saturated ground and swollen rivers may not be able to cope.

The yellow warning remains due to the strong winds, high waves and heavy rains which will continue to threaten the south-west of England and Wales, including London and parts of East Anglia.

Forecasters warned that the period of heavy rains will continue on Wednesday and into Thursday, with 30mm to 40mm falling in the wettest spots.

Three red warnings remain in place in Preston beach, Lower Stour and Chiswell in Dorset as waves and strong winds continue to batter coastal regions of the UK. Red is the most severe weather warning, which signals danger to life and property.

The Environment Agency sounded its flood siren warning of extreme danger on Monday night after the sea spray crashed over flood defences and destroyed Chesil beach.

Dorset residents who were evacuated will not be able to return to their homes, while Dorset police warned all residents to move to an upstairs room facing away from the sea.

More than 100 hundreds flood warnings were in place on Tuesday, including in Dorset, Oxfordshire, south Wiltshire, Hampshire and along the river Thames


Furthermore, 195 low-level alerts have been issued across the country, while searches continued for University student Harry Martin in Dorset. Martin, 18, left his home in Newton Ferrers, in Devon, last Thursday and was last seen taking pictures of the storm.

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