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More fantastic British sights to explore this Summer:

Callanish Standing Stones

Like its more famous counterpart at Stonehenge, this collection of megalithic stones stand as a mute testimony to some ancient, possibly druidic, form of religious worship or commemoration. Based on a isolated area on the storm-clad island of Lewis in Scotland, the Callanish Standing Stones date back some 4,000 years which places them within the same time period as Ancient Egypt.

Seven Sisters

Though many claim that this set of white chalk rock faces is the most picturesque and brightest of all the cliff faces in England, the Seven Sisters, based below the South Downs in East Sussex, also has a dark legacy. The highest point along the cliff faces is the notorious Beachy Head, a site of many teenage suicides. However, this hasn't affected the area's reputation: it often features in films as a 'stand-in' for the more celebrated 'white cliffs of Dover.'

Cheddar Gorge

Not a dairy farm where one may literally gorge oneself on cheddar cheese (pass the Branston!), this ravine is the largest in the British Isles, located within the Mendip Hills in Somerset. Intrepid explorers can discover a hidden underworld of natural beauty: limestone interiors with stalactites and stalagmites covering every crack and crevice. Archeologists discovered the UK's oldest skeleton here in 1903, which was proved to be over 9,000 years old.

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