Monumentally romantic.

With just ten days to go to the most romantic day of the year, why not take one of those spur of the moment decisions, do something original and take your partner to a destination where you can visit a monument to love? If the most spectacular and famous building in the world which stands as a symbol of eternal love, the Taj Mahal, is a little far, and anyway, a mausoleum is not quite what you had in mind, how about a trip to Salzburg, Austria to visit the Mirabell Palace and Gardens?

The ornate Baroque mansion and its accompanying gardens were a lavish gift from Prince Archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau to his mistress, Salome Alt (the original name of the Palace was, Altenau Palace in her honour), reports Budget Travel, and obviously brought the happy couple luck as they had fifteen children.

The palace was rebuilt after the great Salzburg fire of 1818 but you can still see the 18th-century staircase complete with carvings and sculptures, an elaborate marble grand hall, ornate stucco work, and get romantic in the gorgeous gardens, which featured in the ‘Do-Re-Mi’ number in the Sound of Music. For more details go to visit-salzburg.net

Easy Jet flies to Salzburg from Bristol, Liverpool and London Gatwick, and Ryanair from Dublin, Glasgow, Liverpool and London Stansted.

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