moneysupermarket holidays 2011

Moneysupermarket holidays 2011

Log onto travelsupermarket.com and click on holidays, this opens up a whole world of travel experience you can book in an instant.

If you want a romantic break in May 2011, why not book the euro star from London and travel into Paris for £101 per person, you can also add a hotel to this booking for the ultimate romantic package. Moneysupermarket holidays also give you the chance to book in advance so you can book now for your city break in May 2012.

If you want to holiday on water then why not book a cruise, you could go from Southampton to France for 3 nights in May 2011. You can book this and the travel service will call you back to talk you through your individual package. With cruise liners now offering spa facilities and onboard luxury restaurants a trip like this would be unforgettable.

For families, why not book an Ibiza holiday departing from Manchester staying in a self catering apartment for £147 per person. Ibiza is a great place to visit with miles of sandy beaches, an array of shops and restaurants and some great countryside for you to explore.

If you need any travel extras or car hire then you can book all this through moneysupermarket, avoiding the hassle of having to swap websites and look at different providers to source these for your holiday. Make your trip extra special all within a price range you can afford.

Whatever holiday you are looking for you are bound to find it on moneysupermarket holidays. So log on and book your trip for either 2011 or 2012 and find yourself a bargain!

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