Can you use Money Supermarket for cheap flights?

Money Supermarket flights

Have you been availing of the excellent services of Money Supermarket and now you are wondering if there is a similar service you can use for your holidays? The good news is that you use Money Supermarket for cheap flights, and their travel arm is called Travel Supermarket. So lets check out what they offer.

In times gone by, you would be at the behest of travel agents in your attempts to find a brilliant deal on cheap flights, but this simply isn't the case anymore thanks to the proliferation of travel comparison sites online. The daddy of all these sites is the excellent Travel Supermarket, Money Supermarket's own travel comparison site, and you can find their cheap flights section online at http://www.travelsupermarket.com/c/cheap-flights/.

This site offers the full gamut of travel comparison services you could hope to find. They allow you to compare deals for flights, hotels, car hire, Cruises, UK city breaks, Travel Insurance, Airport Parking, and even last minute deals. Their real achievement is with the money they can shave you off flights, and we took a look at some of the deals they are running right now to give you an idea of the bargains you will be able to find.

For example, Travel Supermarket are currently offering return flights to Barcelona for £36, Malaga for £52 return, Alicante for £69 return, Bangkok for £435 return, Dalaman for £189 return, Tenerife for £115 return and New York for £368 return. They are a brilliant resource for cheap flights, so make sure and check them out!

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