Thinking about getting one of the many Monarch flights to Paphos? Read on!

Paphos, capital of the Paphos district, is located on the Greek side of the beautiful island of Cyprus and is the first choice for many travellers after taking a Monarch flight to Paphos International Airport. And well that it should be! Here's a taster of the sort of things that you can expect to wow you in Paphos: The ancient, intimidating Paphos Castle, spooky catacombs, the slightly misnamed Tomb of Kings (There's no kings buried there!), museums, manors, the ruins of the Temple of Aphrodite, once famous all across all the ancient world, and much more besides! In fact, Paphos contains so many areas and buildings of cultural and historically importance that UNESCO decided it would be easier to add the entire town to it's World Cultural Heritage List rather than individually list them! Add in the preponderance of luxury hotels and a thriving tourist entertainment scene and you can see why Paphos is considered among the ultimate tourist destinations. And with Monarch flights to Paphos flying out from three UK destinations, it has never been easier or cheaper to get out there!

The three airports that host Monarch flights to Paphos are Birmingham, London-Gatwick and Manchester. The service is in place all year round, and should cost between £70 and £120 per person, depending on when and where you're flying from. Remember that, like all modern airlines, the cost of Monarch flights to Paphos varies massively the more time you put between you and your flight date so be sure to be an early worm! Be sure to www.monarch.co.uk for more details.

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