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The sun drenched island of Cyprus is renowned for its beautiful golden beaches, beautiful architectural sites, lovely cuisine and the nightlife is amazing. More and more people are selecting Cyprus for their holidays because of all the great reviews they hear about the place and if you decide to go you should check out these Monarch flights to Cyprus and avail of some of the great prices on offer.

August is the peak season and the time that most people travel so we will start with prices with Monarch Airlines for August. They have flights available in August for £253.48 per person return. This flight departs from the London Airport of your choice and arrives in Paphos Cyprus after a flight lasting six hours. That price we quoted you includes all taxes and charges.

October can also be a popular time for tourists because of the peace and tranquillity that can be found in Cyprus so let's look at prices for October flights with Monarch. Prices for these flights are a good bit cheaper than August at £148.48. You will again fly into Paphos from London and the price includes all your taxes and charges.

Monarch offer flights to Cyprus all year round we just used those two months as examples and if you want to view more flights check out their website on http://bookflights.monarch.co.uk.

We hope this blog has given you some good information about Monarch flights to Cyprus and hope to see you travelling soon.


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