Explore Europe with a cheap Monarch flight

Monarch Airlines is a British charter airline that operates flights to a wide range of European destinations, as well as some services to the Caribbean and the United States. Some of the most popular destinations for which you can book a Monarch flight are the Canary Islands, the Mediterranean, Egypt, Cyprus, Turkey and Greece.

The headquarters of Monarch Airlines are located at London Luton Airport, but you can catch a Monarch flight from several other UK airports, including London Gatwick, East Midlands, Birmingham and Manchester. The company was founded in 1967 and it carries more than 5 million passengers every year.

Booking you flights with Monarch Airlines is a good idea if you are looking for cheap tickets and even for some extra deals. When making your bookings, bear in mind that it is not possible to buy meals after boarding, but you will need to pre-book them at an extra charge instead. Other flight extras that you may want to consider at the time you make your bookings are group seating, extra legroom, extra bags and sports equipment. Make sure you check out the weight limits and packing advice on the website of the airline in order to avoid any additional charges.

Besides allowing you to book affordable flight to a wealth of European destinations, the Monarch Airlines website also allows you to search for accommodation as well and book your rooms in order to save money and time. You can check traveller reviews on the website as well if you are not sure about what to choose.

After you book your Monarch flight, you should also take into account some other things that you may need for your holiday, such as car hire and airport parking. The website of Monarch Airlines (monarch.co.uk) has several options for you regarding these matters, so check them out for the best deals.

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