Minsk: A Hidden Gem in Belarus

There are dozens of relics from the Cold War in Minsk, which used to be one of the industrial/manufacturing centres of the former Soviet Union. Visitors won’t miss the imposing KGB building and the streets leading up to it, lined with defiant Soviet iconography.

But all these ghosts of the Soviet past are already forgotten once the traveller encounters the GUM, the city’s biggest and oldest shopping centre ( built at the beginning of the 20th century) situated in the center of the city. GUM offers a lot of Belarussian crafts and products, and even luxury, designer items for bourgeousie visitors. There are also several cafés scattered around the place.

Other Minsk attractions include the Minsk Observation Wheel, in Gorkij Park, probably one of the largest Ferris Wheels in Eastern Europe. Visitors can take photos from the top and enjoy a panoramic view of Minsk in an open chair cabin, if they’re brave enough.

For those who want to study overseas, Minsk won’t disappoint. As the major educational centre of Belarus, Minsk boasts over 258 schools, 28 further education colleges, and 36 higher education institutions that include 12 prominent national universities specialising in fields of science and technology.

Minsk also offers a legion of restaurants serving Belarussian, Italian, Japanese, Fusion and American cuisine. There are even expensive strip clubs: Versus, the Dankoff Club, and Laguna—tourist magnets that offer a varied nightlife on a Belarus holiday.

Why stop at Minsk when you can see the beauty of Belarus?

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