Looking for mini cruises mediterranean?

Taking a mini cruise is a delightful and peaceful way to spend a vacation and you can have a wonderful cruise experience whether you are on a tight budget or whether you are after a luxury experience and are willing to splash your cash.

The first deal is from cruise.co.uk and leaves on the 22nd of April from Southampton port and takes in Rotterdam, Brussels, Bruges, Paris and Normandy and it will set you back £457 for four nights per person. Cruise.co.uk also offer a slightly more expensive cruise, 'The Queen Elizabeth' which leaves on May 26th for five nights and departs from Southampton and visits Amsterdam, Brussels, Bruges, Paris and then back to Southampton port and costs £549 per person.

Cruise.co.uk also have another offer on 'The Queen Elizabeth' which leaves on August 28th for five nights. It again leaves from Southampton, stopping off in Brussels, Bruges, Rotterdam, Paris, St Peter's Port and back to Southampton. If you include a luxury room in your deal it will cost £889 per person.

Another offer from cruise.co.uk is with Fred Olsen cruise lines sailing on the Balmoral for four nights from the 1st of September. It leaves the Southampton port, visiting Ijmuiden, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Dunkirk and arriving back in Southampton. Prices for this deal range from £442 for a standard room and £779 for a luxury room, both prices are per person.

Best of luck to you in your search for mini cruises in the Mediterranean.

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