Edinburgh: The perfect destination for mini breaks in the UK

If cities are people, then Edinburgh is Keith Richards. Despite it's ancient medieval countenance it still gives you the impression that at the drop of a hat it could still party all night and then throw it's TV out the hotel window. When it comes to destinations for a mini break in the UK, it easily holds it's own against the other big boys. And during August, when the world famous Edinburgh Fringe festival is on, there's no competition: In the battle for the best mini breaks in the UK, Edinburgh knocks them dead! After all, who doesn't want to spend a night out on the town with Keith Richards, especially when he's in a jokey mood?

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the worlds largest arts festival, and takes place during the entire month of August. The length of the festival is the primary reason that makes Edinburgh take the crown as the top destination for mini breaks in the UK: Rather than a single crowded weekend that makes it impossible to find accommodation, you can find a few days during the whole month that suits you and book at your leisure. And you're sure to find a few days that suit you: Check out the official website at www.edfringe.com/ for the jaw-dropping amounts of talent that will be calling Edinburgh home for the month of August!

So get on to your favourite budget airline, train service, taxi or horse drawn carriage and get yourself to the fine city of Edinburgh for a few days during the Fringe.

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