Top mini break deals

Living in the UK, you are spoilt for places to go on mini breaks and weekends away. Low cost airlines make getting to and around Europe inexpensive and easy to organise. Beautiful places like Paris, Milan, Stockholm, Madrid, Nice, Berlin and Prague are just some of the mini break deals available.

Stockholm, Sweden is a great choice if looking for mini break deals. It’s a beautiful city with many things to do and much history to discover. This is a city with a lot of character, and the best way to get around Stockholm is by foot. Taking in a boat tour is a must do: find out about the history of the city and see some great views from the water.

There are many hotels spread out across Stockholm's islands. One of our favourites is Langholmen Hotel - a former prison that closed in the 70s. The cells have been refurbished to create a beautiful quirky hotel. Room prices are around £140 per night. Langholmen Island is one of the larger islands in Stockholm and has the most history. Why not visit the prison museum and learn a bit about where you are staying - you won’t forget it!

Skansen open air museum appeals to people of all ages. You could easily spend a day there, enjoying the traditional Swedish exhibitions and the zoo. Gamla Stan is another must see. It is the largest and best preserved medieval city centre in Europe. Featuring cobbled streets, it’s lovely to take your time with a leisurely stroll, browsing the shops and the many cafes, bars and restaurants.

If you want to stay in Gamla Stan, check out Hotel Reisen. It is 200 metres from the Royal Palace so you will find your way back easily! Rooms can cost £200 a night during summer, which may sound a little on the steep side, but the excellent location makes it worth every penny. It features single-sex saunas where you can experience the traditional Swedish pastime.

Visiting the Vasa museum is also a must-do in Stockholm. The Vasa is a ship that sank on its maiden voyage. The story behind it and the story of how they managed to get the ship resurfaced is incredible, and well worth going to see.

These are just a few examples of what Stockholm has to offer - why not go and find out the rest for yourself!

Top tip: Don’t change all your pounds to Euros for Stockholm - they won’t get you far there as they don’t use them here! You’ll need Swedish Krona.

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