Is everybody ready for Mexico holidays in 2011?

When it comes to summer getaways this year, think Mexico holidays for 2011! As soon as spring hits all of the summer package holiday deals go up on the internet. Mexico seems to be a big focus in 2011, with plenty of great deals being offered. This is the perfect excuse for you to make that trip you have always wanted to!

Mexico is a great holiday destination but has been a little out of reach for people. It has a reputation for being an expensive place to get to, but not this year! Mexico is now a possibility!

One of the most famous names for the Brits when it comes to package holidays and travel has to be Virgin. They have always been the number one in holidays so what better place to go and sort out a Mexican holiday.

You will start on a non-stop flight to Miami. From here, catch a short flight to Cancun and you are good to go. If you do all the booking with Virgin they will take care of your accommodation and car hire, it's that simple.

Mexico's Caribbean coastline makes it one of the best holiday destinations. There is lots to see and do and the culture is vibrant and welcoming. You couldn't possibly have a better chance to take advantage of a holiday in Mexico so be sure to check out the details.

Think Mexico as your holidays for 2011 and be prepared for the trip of a lifetime with Virgin.

 (photo © Flickr)

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