Meet your match, head to Ireland

We promise you haven’t done anything like this before – and that’s a big claim to make on the net. Ever been to a Matchmaking Festival? Thought not. Well, get your best clobber on and get over to the village of Lisdoonvarna, County Clare, Ireland right this minute for the world’s biggest, oldest and as far as we know, only, Matchmaking Festival.

What the hell is a matchmaking festival you ask? (And rightfully so!) Well in 100 words or less, it’s 5000 people skulling pints in a small village on the West coast of Ireland hoping to hook up with someone - ah, a regular Saturday night at a monster rave you reply.

No, there are no pills, plenty of thrills and no bellyaches. And how many wealthy American widowers do you get down at the Temple of Sound? Not many – but in Lisdoonvarna there’s a jumbo jet full, and they’re dripping with gold and looking for something that resembles their notion of Irishness to give a whole lotta loving to.

So, peaked cap, best John Wayne accent (see The Quiet Man for research purposes!) and jump on a flight to Shannon Airport. Dublin will also do if you want to fortify yourself first with a few pints. You can fly to Shannon Airport from London, Bristol, Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham and Liverpool.

Oh, and go heavy on the cologne – there are cattle about!

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