Looking for mediterranean cruises southampton?

Many people are now spending their summer holidays at sea and for the British population it has never been easier as the port in Southampton is something of a gateway to Europe as far as cruises are concerned. So why not experience a great holiday by going on a Mediterranean cruise this year.

Cruise.co.uk offer a wide range of cruise deals and if you are on a budget you have the opportunity to set sail for just a couple of days and if you are willing to spend a little bit more you can be on the high seas for nearly four weeks so take a look at these offers.

The Queen Victoria cruise ship leaves Southampton and doesn't return for 16 nights, it takes in the wonderful cities of Malaga, Olympia, Greece, Corfu, Dubrovnik, Croatia, Venice, Korcula, Croatia, Seville and then back to Southampton. All this will set you back £1,199 per person from cruise.co.uk.

The second offer from cruise.co.uk is for 12 nights and you will again be sailing on the Queen Victoria. You set off from Southampton and stop off in Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Florence/Pisa, Rome, Gibraltar before returning to Southampton. This tremendous journey will cost £1099 per person.

The third deal from cruise.co.uk is the 'Independence of the Seas' cruise which leaves from Southampton for 14 nights and takes in the beautiful cities of Gibraltar, Cannes/Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Alicante, Lisbon, Vigo and back to England. It will cost £1005 per person.

Best of luck in finding mediterranean cruises southampton.


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