Mediterranean cruises from Southampton

Relaxing on a cruise ship while stopping off at beautiful Mediterranean destinations can offer a perfect short getaway. If you are based in or around Southampton, here are some cruises trips that leave from Southampton and stop off at some stunning ports.

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Leaving from Southampton, you can take a cruise that makes its way to 8 different Mediterranean ports with the first being the bustling fishing port of Vigo in Spain. From here you visit the beach resort town of Alicante followed by Barcelona and Monte Carlo in France. This place is known for their 4 G’s, Grimaldi Monarchy, Grand Prix, Glamour and Gambling and offers a close look at the high life. Your last stop will be Genoa in Italy where you can visit the birthplace of Christopher Columbus. A 14 night trip in July on this route begins at £1,579 per person for a full board balcony cabin.

Another Mediterranean cruise option from Southampton offers a 14 night trip in August where you stop off at 8 ports. The starting price is £1899 per person with the first port of call being Gibralter. Here you get an unforgettable view of Africa from the cable car nearby. You will then head to the historical ports of Cartagena, Rome and Florence. The old French city of Marseille is next with Cadiz following with plenty of places to try some tapas. The trip finishes up with stops in Lisbon and Vigo where you can enjoy the beaches.

You can book a longer 16 night cruise on cruisedeals.co.uk for September with prices starting £1199 per person. The first stop after leaving Southampton is Gibraltar followed by historic Barcelona. Cannes offers you the chance take a lovely walk along the promenade and enjoy tasty food from the local markets. A Mediterranean cruise wouldn’t be complete without visiting the culturally rich cities of Rome and Florence. The trip then wraps up with stops at Cagliari(Picasso’s birthplace), Malaga, Seville and Lisbon offering plenty of variety.

Finally, you can squeeze even more time out of your Mediterranean cruise by taking a 17 night cruise that stops off at 7 ports. Prices start at £1,949 for a balcony cabin based on 2 people sharing. After Southampton, you will pull in at Cadiz, Spain which is ideal for shopping lovers. From there, it is on to Malta and Venice where you can explore beautiful architecture and bustling markets. Koper in Slovenia, Dubrovnik in Croatia, the Greek island of Corfu and the tax free city of Gibraltar all have plenty to offer visitors who are looking for something different at each port.

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