How to book Mediterranean cruises from Ireland.

If you are looking at Mediterranean cruises from Ireland then we can help you. We run through prices and the best sites to book your cruise plus other useful information that will help you get the best cruise available to you.

Taking a Mediterranean cruise from Ireland really leaves you with no option but to fly the first leg of the journey to a European port.  The reason for this is that Dublin and Cork are not big departure points for accessing the Mediterranean due to the small market available in Ireland.  There are still options open to you however so fret not.

If you visit iglucruise.com then you will be able to find Mediterranean cruises starting from €550.  These cruises include flights from Belfast to various European ports from where you will commence your cruise.  Some cruises are one way and then you will fly from back to Belfast from your final port of call while others begin and end in the same city.

One example itinerary sees you fly from Belfast to Barcelona and begin a 4 night cruise.  This ship stops in Marseille and Palma and spends the rest of the time at sea before returning to Barcelona and then you fly back to Belfast.

Budget Travel also have a choice of Mediterranean fly cruises that include flights to whatever departure port is necessary.  They provide cruises only too, so if you are willing to book your own flights then this is one way that you can save some money.  Ryanair often fly to prime cruise port cities such as Barcelona and Venice for just €10 one-way.  You can then find Mediterranean cruises from Ireland from just €500 on budgettravel.ie without flights.

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