Explore Mediterranean Cruises from Dublin

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A Mediterranean cruise offers so many places to visit. You can explore nature, get lost in culture, pan out on a sun drenched deck or else shop till you drop in some of Europe's finest cities. All of this and more can be done on Mediterranean cruises from Dublin.

To explore the western part of the Mediterranean Sea you can board the Navigator of the Seas for 6 nights. You will visit the beautiful Leaning Tower of Pisa, Provence, Gibraltar and the see the sites of the Roman Empire in the Italian city of Rome. Prices start from only €799.

If you wish to see more than just the western area of the Mediterranean you can choose to board the Mediterranean Medley. This cruise lasts 7 nights and you will have the chance to explore Corsica, taste wine in France and be idle in Italy. This cruise aboard the Mediterranean Medley costs only €832.

You visit different ports, spend afternoons in galleries and museums, go to Cathedrals or dance along the French Riviera. Some highlights include St. Tropez and Monte Carlo as well as the Vatican and Picasso's Gallery. Cruises book out way in advance and always prove to be a popular choice with holiday makers.

Leaving from Dublin you have the option of flying into Barcelona and Rome. A cruise offers exquisite accommodation, varied adventure and high quality dining with so much variety. For the cruises listed above you can go to Budget Travel. Mediterranean cruises from Dublin are so much more than a holiday.

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