Looking for mediterranean cruises 2010?

If you are thinking of spending your Summer holidays in the Mediterranean this year why not try to think outside the box and instead of booking a package holiday and staying in the same hotel for the duration, spend it on the high seas and take a Mediterranean cruise. Stay for as long or as little as you like on the ship, all the while stopping off at some of the most beautiful and interesting places the Mediterranean has to offer.

Cruisedirect.co.uk offer a number of different cruises, the first is the 'Escape to the Med' cruise which lasts for seven nights and costs £569 per person and stops off in Majorca, Sicily, Naples, Sardinia, Toulon, Barcelona and Palma.

The next offer cruisedirect.co.uk are doing is their 'Mediterranean' cruise which lasts for 14 nights and costs £1,099 per person. The cruise leaves from Southampton and stops in Barcelona, Cannes, Florence/Pisa, Rome, Valencia, Gibraltar, Praia da Rocha, Portugal and back to Southampton.

If you would like to spend longer on the seas then cruisedirect.co.uk have a 24 day trip called the 'East Mediterranean' cruise and costs £1,974 per person. The cruise leaves from Southampton and you will visit Cadiz, Spain, Tripoli, Libya, Cairo/Giza, Egypt, Limassol, Cyprus, Ashdod, Israel, Haifa, Israel, Athens, Katakolon, Greece, Messina, Italy, Valencia, Spain, Lisbon, Portugal and then you will have three days at sea before you arrive back to port at Southampton.

Best of luck to you and your family in finding your perfect mediterranean cruises 2010.

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