Travel Tips: Using Media While You Travel

Great media to travel with.

You can utilize media while you travel to keep up with friends and family back home, keep a record of your trip and store valuable backups of travel information.

  • Social Media: In an age where sharing on social media sites continues to increase, using these sites while traveling helps you stay connected with friends and family back home. Update your Twitter (twitter.com) with interesting quotes of experiences you come across on your travels. Use this microblogging tool to connect and find deals in the country. You can also use Facebook (facebook.com) to update family and friends through status updates, pictures and video.
  • Blogging: Blogging can replace the traditional travel journal if you want it to. These blog platforms allow you to log your travels through text, photo or video. Capture ticket stubs, landmarks and other moments with photo and include a story of your day or week in a particular area. Send a link to your friends and they can enjoy your updates, or keep it to yourself and use it as a private journal.
  • Backup Information: Before you head out on a trip, create a picture document of important travel information like your itinerary, passport and visa information. Email a copy to yourself. If you lose the hardcopy of this information throughout the journey, you will have a backup document readily available. This can save you hours, even days, of delay.

Using one or all of these medias while traveling will enhance your time and help you have a memorable experience to cherish.

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