Looking for Med cruises? Here's one of our favourites from Costa!

Can't make up your mind between Portugal, France, Spain or Italy for your holiday this year? Well, now you don't have to - you can enjoy all four dazzling destinations on a Mediterranean cruise!

Costa Cruises recently reported a 33 per cent surge in Med cruises and is gearing up to make 2,800 calls at 92 destinations this year.

One of the many marvellous trips the Italian company is offering is an eight-night cruise from the UK to Portugal, France, Spain and Italy in September 2011.

Voyagers will embark at Dover - the perfect place to set the scene, watching the white cliffs recede and anticipating the journey ahead. The first port of call is Le Havre in north western France. Known as a major port at the mouth of the Seine, the city has many fascinating attractions including the Church of Notre Dame and the André Malraux Museum of Fine Arts.

Next stop is Vigo in Spain, famous for its excellent white wines, and great place to pick a memento of your trip as it specialises in handmade jewellery and keepsakes.

The ship will then set sail for Lisbon, Portugal's captivating capital, which boasts myriad museums and other places of interest, before arriving in the Spanish port of Cadiz, the oldest of the Iberian Peninsula cities. Not only is It a great place to sight-see, but it is also convenient for an excursion to Malaga or Seville.

Finally, the cruise arrives at Savona in Italy. One of this port's famous former residents is a gentleman by the name of Christopher Columbus. There is a wide range of optional excursions available at each port of call, plus there is plenty to entertain on board the Costa Luminosa including Samsara Spa, à la carte Club Restaurant, 4D cinema, swimming pools, casino, library, beauty salon and art auctions. Bon voyage!

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