Mauritius' Casela Yemen Nature and Leisure Park

Mauritius is famous for its incredible beaches, but tucked within this island nation is a wildlife haven offering exciting activities for an unusual Mauritius holidays — the Casela Yemen Nature and Leisure Park.

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From a humble family property, Casela Yemen Nature and Leisure Park has grown to be a favourite Mauritian attraction. It started operations as a bird park in December 1979, but is now home to over 1,000 birds from 115 species and several fascinating animals such as Java deer, wallabies, and lemurs.

Let the kids mingle with various animals in the Petting Farm, a popular park attraction that offers children “a lesson of love.” Bambi the deer, Lori the cockatoo, and Cecile the wild boar welcome the children to this side of the park, waiting to be spoiled and fed. Near the Petting Farm is a pond filled with tilapias, where families can fish in the tradition of the Mauritians.

Drive a quad bike across a paradise of zebras, African antelopes, kangaroos, and other wildlife. Or highlight your adventure by taking a stroll with the lions, a new and exciting activity in the nature reserve.

The Nordic Walk allows tourists to work out while exploring the 4,500-acre nature park. Open to everybody, this activity involves walking with poles, challenging 90 percent of your muscles as you trudge through different terrains. If that’s not enough of an exercise, experience the Rando Fun, where knot ropes, Nepalese bridges, ziplines, and canyon crossing take the adventure to new heights. Kids can have their little exploits, too, in the Kid’s Corner and Mini Golf area featuring multi-level golf courses and playground facilities.

The park is open from 9am to 5pm every day during the months of May to September, and from 9am to 6pm from October to April.

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