Masoala National Park in Madagascar

Animals on this island nation “like to move it, move it!” And in Masoala National Park, tourists on Madagascar holidays will get to see a wide variety of animals swinging into action.

Masoala National Park is Madagascar’s largest protected area. The only place in Madagascar where the rainforest meets the sea, the park is made up of a 2,300-square kilometre rainforest and 100-square kilometre marine park.

Visit the park’s primary rainforest and discover an overwhelming wealth of fascinating animals. The small and remote Special Reserve of Nosy Mangabe is home to Madagascar’s famous lemur species: black and white lemur, brown lemur, microcebe, and aye-aye, considered to be Madagascar’s strangest lemur with its weasel or ferret face, bat-like ears, green eyes, twig-like hands, and teeth that grow constantly. The rare Uroplatus, a well-camouflaged and otherworldly looking lizard, can also be found here. Brookesia, the world’s smallest chameleon, considers the reserve home, too. Besides animals, amazing scenery such as golden sand beaches and emerald green forests also delight tourists.

90 enthralling bird species abound on the west coast of the peninsula, an ornithologist’s paradise. A calm sea with perfectly clear waters, picturesque waterfalls, and tranquil rivers are the peninsula’s other attractions.

Venture into the marine world and visit Tampolo, which features amazing coral reefs that are home to humpback whales, dolphins, marine turtles, dugong, rays, and reef sharks. In the marine parks, 3001 fish species swim around in the turquoise waters. Visitors can observe a healthy mangrove forest too, located in the marine reserve of Tanjona.

Travellers who are in for more excitement can go whale watching in Antongil Bay, where whales, including the humpback, are best observed during July, August, and September.

Besides animal-watching, tourists can go swimming, diving, and trekking in the park.

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