Margate lighthouse to get makeover

Often described as one of the poorer seaside towns to visit in the UK, Margate is now upping its game ahead of the Summer season by painting its lighthouse in blue and white stripes, echoing the colours of its football team Margate FC. In a move that for some will be controversial, residents believe that the decoration will help boost tourism rates to the area and are keen to support the suggestion made by local Tory councillor, Martin Wise.

Costing around £10,000, and many, many buckets of paint to cover the 85ft high lighthouse, the venture is already attracting some negative press. It is being argued that as Margate's sandy shores are constantly buffeted by the North Sea, the lighthouse will need frequent touching up. One Labour Councillor has openly condemned the plan, explaining that much needed resources could be used elsewhere.

The seaside resort has had its share of misfortune in the past. In 2003, a fire ripped through two of Margate's seaside arcades and badly damaged buildings along the sea front just ahead of the Easter holidays. Then, in 2008, the Grade II listed Scenic Railway enjoyed by thousands was again the victim of a blaze. Residents and visitors alike fear that the area's Dreamland amusement park and home of the world's oldest wooden rollercoaster will also be closed. Hopefully, this cheerfully painted landmark will go some way to restoring faith in the holiday destination.

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