Get the best deal for Marbella Spain holiday lets

It pays to shop around for the best deals for your stay in Marbella. Spain holiday lets have become better value in recent years, even in this upmarket resort on the Costa Del Sol. if you follow a few simple booking procedures, you can get some impressive bargains and save some Euros for shopping.

Sun, sangria and savings

For years the British have been flocking to Marbella in Spain. Holiday lets in this elegant resort on the Costa Del Sol were traditionally expensive, but the struggling Spanish economy has made rental costs more competitive in recent seasons. Follow a few tips to make substantial savings.

  • Research the dates of the Spanish school holidays. Outside these times, prices will be lower and the beaches less crowded.
  • Ask yourself if you really need that swimming pool. With the Mediterranean on your doorstep, perhaps it makes sense to settle for a more basic apartment or villa.
  • Similarly, avoid being enticed by properties that offer cutting-edge design features and gadgets. Invariably you will be paying a premium for unnecessary details. Instead look for comfortable and traditional rental properties.
  • Instead of using an agent, try to deal directly with property owners. Many British people rent property around Marbella and it is often possible to negotiate a great deal at short notice.
  • Look into the possibilities of combining flights and accommodation. Some airlines are now offering this kind of package, often including transfers and welcome packs. Again the best deals are usually outside high season.
  • Make sure the property has good cooking facilities and a barbecue area. You will save a lot by doing your own catering.

Avoid road rage

Once you have arranged your Marbella Spain holiday lets, think carefully about whether you really need a hire car. The Costa Del Sol highway is notorious for accidents and Marbella itself is a nightmare to drive around. Instead, rely on the adequate public transport train and bus links along the coast.

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