Manono Island: A Tourist’s Refuge

Embrace serenity on your Samoa holiday by visiting Manono Island, a piece of heaven tucked away in the Apolima Strait, between the renowned islands Upolu and Savaii.

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This remote island is best explored on foot, with the lapping waves and bright sunshine. Manono is home to four small fishing villages: Apai in the west, Faleu in the south, Lepuiai in the southwest, and Salua in the north. The palm-fringed beaches are among the sights to see, along with traditional fales, home of the natives. Explore the inward trails, and discover historical treasures in the remarkable archaeological sites. One site features an ancient star mound at the top of Mt. Tulimanuiva, the highest peak in the island.

Near Apai Village are three islands. Two of these offer breathtaking underwater scenes, and are perfect for snorkelling. The larger of these two islands was once the crater of the volcano Apolima, where today a small seaside village can be found.

Resorts abound in Manono Island. Sunset View Beach Fales in Salua Village offer traditional tattooing, weaving demonstrations, and plantation tours. Scuba diving, bush walking, and hiking are popular activities here.

Manono Island Resort features floating fales, where guests can step down through a staircase directly into the lagoon, or admire the island panorama from the comfort of the veranda. Two beach fales in a tiny cove have hammocks that may prove irresistible. Tropical fruits and fresh, local delicacies seal in guests’ satisfaction on their holiday.

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