Think Munich for your Manchester to Salzburg direct flights

Unless you can gather a like-minded group of Mancunian Sound Of Music and Mozart fans and charter your own plane, there are no Manchester to Salzburg direct flights. As a viable alternative to making the trip to a London airport for Ryanair and British Airways flights though, why not consider the possibility of a Munich flight?

You have a choice of airlines that offer direct flights from Manchester to Munich. BMI (www.flybmi.com) has a range of fares that start at around £80 each way. Lufthansa seats are in a similar price range, although both airlines have regular promotions where travellers prepared to be flexible with their dates can find bargains.

Easyjet (www.easyjet.com) offers more consistently cheap fares all year round. If you book well in advance, it is possible to find fares of £25.99 each way, excluding additional baggage charges. Even when you add on your train fares to Austria, this works out as a very economical source of Manchester to Salzburg direct flights by way of Munich.

On arrival in Munich, you might like to break your journey with a day's exploration of this cosmopolitan Bavarian city with its fine architecture, cosy bierkellers and international cuisine.

Then you will find there is a very reliable and fast train service to Salzburg. Hourly trains cross the Austrian border and reach Salzburg in less than 2 hours. The journey is comfortable and pretty, passing through mountain scenery and alongside Lake Chiemsee. A standard class ticket costs around €30.

In Salzburg, most tourists are there to face the music.  Salzburg is all about Mozart and Maria. The composer is celebrated in chocolate and marzipan confectionery called Mozartkügel, a must-buy for every visitor.

Otherwise the city is dominated by The Sound Of Music tours, celebrating Salzburg's association with the Von Trapp family, the film, the musical, the songs. . .

If the endless renditions of Edelweiss and the tourists dressed up as nuns begin to get a little wearing, relax with a tasty Franziskaner beer, hoppy and aromatic, before admiring the spectacular edifice of the Franciscan church, Salzburg's most impressive piece of architecture, and a useful escape from all that music.

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