Book Manchester to London flights

Manchester to London flights

Trains all fully booked and you need to be in London in a couple of hours? There are still regular, scheduled Manchester to London flights that will get you to Heathrow directly.

British Airways (ba.com) flies direct from Manchester to London Heathrow. Fares start at £47 each way, including taxes and charges. Those used to the flexibility of budget airlines flights should note that this fare is only available when purchased as part of a round trip journey. There is a £4.50 supplement for payment with a credit card (and even if you use Paypal).

On most days BA offers 8 direct flights to Heathrow, with the first flight departing at 7.10 for an 8.15 arrival in London. The last flight is at 18.50, arriving at 19.50.

British Midland (flybmi.com) offers direct flights from Manchester to London Heathrow, with Economy Saver outward fares starting at £29 and in the inbound flight starting from £39. These fares include all taxes and charges, although there will be an additional charge for credit card bookings.

British Midland has 4 direct flights a day, with the first flight to Heathrow departing at 8.10 in the morning and the last at 18.55.

Once your Manchester to London flights land, the fastest way from Heathrow Airport into central London is on the Heathrow Express train (heathrowexpress.com). The journey time is 15 minutes to Paddington station, and tickets cost £16.50 single and £32 return, when purchased online.


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