Travel from Manchester to Heathrow by air

We have been searching the internet for cheap Manchester to Heathrow by air tickets and have come up with some great prices. Like with anything travel the internet is your best friend, especially for flights.

The first website we checked out was the britishairways.com website. It's always worth checking out the prices that BA are offering. BA are the best airline in the UK so it's always worth checking them out for comparison purposes. They will always be a little bit more expensive but sometimes it's worth it for the service.

We managed to find a flight from Manchester to Heathrow for only £102.99. This will fly one adult to Heathrow return so it's well worth considering. The service and flight in general with BA is the best you are going to get. Let's take a look at another offering to see if it's worth your while flying with BA for a little extra.

The next website we checked out was Flybmi.com. This is another fantastic low cost airline so let's see what they have to offer. We searched with the same criteria, same dates, same number of passengers and made it a return ticket.

BMI had a flight on the same date for only £72.90. this is a decent saving of £30 over the BA flight. BMI offer great service too so in this case we would advise you to go with BMI. Manchester/Heathrow is a very short trip so the cheaper the better really. If it was long haul we would suggest BA.

If you are travelling from Manchester to Heathrow by air, the tickets you purchase should be the cheapest possible tickets. In this case, check out BMI.

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